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Beautiful Flat Pack Kitchens In NSW

At Custom Flat Pack Sydney, we specialise in manufacturing custom made kitchen cabinets and other home cabinetry specially built and flat packed to create the perfect addition for your home. Unlike similar companies offering wholesale flat packs, our custom-made cabinets and furnishings will give you the quality and appearance of a top end kitchen design at a cheaper price.

We also have the capability of offering these gorgeous kitchen packs to kitchen companies at wholesale pricing. You don’t have to worry about the cheap price tag, as your new kitchen will look anything but! You need only look at the pictures on our site to see the amazing kitchens that we have helped to create.

Beautiful Flat Pack Cabinets In NSW

Custom Flat Pack Sydney has previously made a name of itself with high quality Australian made custom manufactured kitchens cabinetry. We have created a new range of kitchen cabinets for this market, with a focus on affordability and keeping it easy for the end-user – with all of our cabinets fully assembled and ready to take away and install.

Beautiful Flat Pack Accessories In NSW

Transform your kitchen with our Kitchen Décor range, featuring stunning lighting and specialist kitchen paint. Looks good: i offer a range of downlights i can send photos with prices. We can also make the cabinets so that these lights fit into bottom of cabinets. Price is $100 per LED Downlight including top cupboards manufactured to fit light. We offer “warm white” and “cool white”

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